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Oubliez la voiture, vous êtes dans une Audi. Audi A8.

L’avance par la technologie. Aucune autre Audi n’avait jusqu’à ce jour porté la devise de la marque aussi loin. Design magistral, services luxueux et finition manufacturière sont les maîtres mots de cette génération. L’Audi A8 incarne le véhicule luxueux de demain, ni plus ni moins.

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  • The panorama glass roof, clearly bigger than that of the previous model, provides passengers with a light and friendly interior.

  • Space the greatest benefit: The Audi A8 offers its passengers the comfort they deserve.

  • The multi-coloured contour, ambient lighting package individually accentuates the interior design and enhances its quality.

  • Foot massage, back massage on heated and ventilated resting chairs, a double folding table, even your own climate zone - all this awaits you in the rear of the new A8.

  • The rear passeneger space provides maximum comfort. Passengers in the new Audi A8 enjoy a feeling of spaciousness never before experienced. Features such as the ambient lighting, the new HD Matrix reading lights and the seat massage can all be operated from your own control panel.

  • Rear Seat Remote: Important settings and media functions can be controlled from the rear via the removable, 5.7-inch touch display in OLED technology.

  • Simple elegance and long lines characterise the interior. High quality materials and manufacturing go hand-in-hand with digital precision. A 10.1 inch touchscreen forms the centrepiece of the operating concept, with a black panel that integrates perfectly with the black-high-gloss of the instrument panel.

  • Variety is intuitively accessed: The touch displays in the Audi A8 not only react to learned gestures such as swiping and tapping, they also provide very precise haptic and acoustic feedback.

  • Innovative technology and exclusivity in a revolutionary operating concept.

  • The new operating concept also includes natural language control. The driver can freely formulate his/her commands. Where required the dialogue manager asks questions, allows corrections, offers choices and also accepts being interrupted.

  • Touchscreens, like the MMI touch response, replace conventional operating buttons and switches. This deliberate reduction creates a completely new operating experience. The menu structure is flat and intuitive like a modern smartphone.

  • The Audi phone box with wireless charging function and LTE reception quality takes telephone use to a new level, both with regard to use and sound and connection quality.

  • 23 speakers precisely coordinated with each other, supplied with 1,920 watts of power in the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, make the A8 into an experience for all the senses.

  • Rare, authentic materials, processed at high manufacturing standards – as such, the interior of the Audi A8 is simple and uncompromising.

  • Audi exclusive turns your dreams into reality. Put your personality on display with a selection of different leather and alcantar colours, decorative inserts, exterior paint colours and much more.

  • The OLED rear lights of the new Audi A8 are the next big step in light technology. In addition to the attractive look, the technology also offers improved safety providing better vision in fog and adverse weather conditions.

  • With its 5.17 metre length, the luxury limousine has an impressive presence. In profile, the upright front combined with the lightly sloping rear gives an exciting look.

Un design sculptural
La nouvelle génération d’Audi A8 n’est pas sans rappeler l’iconique coupé Audi quattro sorti en 1980 avec sa calandre large et basse, ainsi que ses lignes sculpturales.
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Une limousine à conduire
A conduire, l’Audi A8 est aussi agile qu’une berline. Son secret ? L’Audi Space Frame, une structure en aluminium revue et corrigée. L'aluminium est désormais mêlé à du magnésium, de l'acier ou encore du CFRP, un matériau mêlant fibre de carbone et polymère. Résultat, aucun autre modèle sur le segment n’est aussi léger que l’Audi A8. Comme la rigidité a été augmentée dans le même temps de plus de 30%, c’est l’agrément de conduite qui en bénéficie grandement.

Combines greater comfort with greater dynamics: the AI ​​Active Chassis

A special highlight in the Audi A8 is the new Audi AI ​​Active Chassis, which significantly increases driving comfort and driving dynamics in all driving situations.

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Generous interior lighting in the new Audi A8.

Ambiance lumineuse et raffinée

L’habitacle de l’Audi A8 est superbement mis en valeur par la valse des couleurs produite par l’éclairage d’ambiance multicolore.

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L’Audi A8 en chiffres

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Audi A8

Audi A8

Consommation mixte : 7,0-7,6 L/100km.
Émissions de CO2 mixtes : 183-199 g/km.